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Hey ya'll! So- I got the Players newsletter in the mail today...and the Grease workshop auditions are...if I remember correctly- May 14th- at like 9:30 (boooooo- lol). They want us to come prepared with a one-minute song (preferably from Hah). So I hope to see ALL of you there!

Oh- and COME TO THE PLAYERS DANCE RECITAL! Just because. And you can cheer some cool people on! LoL...its the last weekend in May- Saturday night and Sunday matinee. And you KNOW you want to come and see me "shake it" ;-)

OK- thats all! Hope you are all having fabulous days!
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you got mail? o my heck yall im excited now. I am so coming to the players dance recital by the way.
nvjflksdgjko im going to work on my song
i'll be on a chorus trip while ya'll are recital-ing. :(
im gonna audition for grease...but im propbably too short, lol
i guess ill just have to wear rly tall heels or something. ha.
anyhoo, yea...i second what jess says...everyone come to the recital.