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Hey ya'll! Welcome to the most FAAAAAAAAABULOUS community ever! I didn't know what picture I could put up for the background for this page, if you have any ideas let me know, I just thought we needed a community because there are so many of us on LJ. Have a great day!
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i cant see anyones head. how do i join?
On the userinfo page- theres a little section above the title of the group I think...and it says like "click here to join community" or something fun like that....can you really not see the heads? :(
yeah :(
hey jess...i have a collage of bway from some sort of menu??? (i know its weird) from NY from donna orr...i loaded it on my comp...and was gonna use it for the community i organized, but since u have more ppl if u want u can use it...
...or, of course, we could always use a pic like "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" from way back (just kidding)
wow thats old. wow. we were little

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